Case Studies; Continuing Case Personal Trainer, Inc. . (Systems Analysis)

Case Studies; Continuing Case Personal Trainer, Inc. . (Systems Analysis)

What might be causing a slow response time? write a brief memo explaining system performance and workload measurements using nontechnical language that a personal trainer’s users

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Continuing Case Personal Trainer




Continuing Case Personal Trainer

According to Damiani (2009), adopting the internet-based architecture for Personal trainers would be advantageous since it allows the organizations to always have access to its systems at any time, any day, and all around the world. This means that customers will be able to interact with organizations and liaise on all the issues that they would like the institution to address for them. Relying on the internet-based architecture also will enable personal trainer as an institution to achieve cost effectiveness since all the applications will be tested online and they will rely on a one of single operating system, which factors all the configurations that are needed to set up the system. In addition, having the system online makes it possible for troubleshooting since there are additional applications that are readily available online to undertake this role (Ma et al. 2016).

Using internet based application plays an essential role since it allows for ease of customization of the interface to fit in with the user interaction needs to enable for a better mode of interaction with the system (Masud & Huang, 2012). At the same time, the ability to develop the site and use it across multiple devices presents a chance where the site will be easily accessible around the globe. Other added benefits of using the internet-based architecture arise from the fact that it is easy to improve the interoperability of the applications. This is done though interlinking other additional features that may be needed by the customer since it is also very easier to install the features and maintenance (Liu et al. 2014).



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