Case Study- Houseco

Case Study- Houseco

Module Learning Outcomes

1. Critically assess the SHRM environment at national and international levels.
2. Critically evaluate SHRM theories and models, and understand the relationships between business and HR strategies.
3. Critically evaluate the implementation of SHRM strategies through organisational performance, management development and reward management and demonstrate critical awareness of ‘best practice’ considerations in effective implementation.
4. Critically understand the relationship between strategic initiatives, organisational culture and conflict management.

Assessment Task

Using the findings of your formative group work, please produce a report considering the following areas:

• Critically analyse the internal and external environment for Houseco, making reference to literature sources.

• Using appropriate concepts and models of Strategic Human Resource Management, develop and critically evaluate a variety of human resource policies and procedures that you will recommend Houseco to adopt.

• Make recommendations relating to the attraction and retention of talent to support the future performance at Houseco. This may be the adoption of new approaches to HRM or new methods managing the human resources of the organisation. You should also demonstrate awareness of barriers to implementation which may include cultural differences alongside different working practices and legislation.

This formal assessment will provide the opportunity for you to demonstrate your analytical, conceptual and application skills in evaluating and dealing with complex issues in HRM, and your ability to provide practical recommendations and solutions to organisational and HRM issues. Assignments should incorporate the basis of your analysis in the light of the case and discussions should be supported with critical engagement with theory.

Answer these questions.

1. What brought you into making disaster management a career?

2. What system challenges are you facing to make a more coherent team from an operations perspective and then from a strategic policy perspective?

3. What gaps do you identify in training and education standards to better meet the community needs when disaster or crises occur in a mass scale?,

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