Case Study Review

Case Study Review

This is a Real World Case Study activity. This case study is an in-depth example that illustrates how prominent businesses and organizations implement the theoretical concepts you have just learned. They provide a broader, integrated critical thinking process that will help you to expand and clarify your understanding of the material covered in this module.

At the end of Chapter 1 (p. 44), read the Case Study, “Business before Technology at Campbell’s Soup.”
After you’ve read the case study, complete the case study questions at the end (you are required to complete the critical thinking questions as well).
When answering the case study questions, use terminology from the chapter and support your response. Each answer should be grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors

Sample section of the paper

Question 1. Spagnoletti Career Path

I still believe Spagnoletti can be said to be pursuing the right career path considering he has shown the desire to consistently improve on his skills while being in the lookout for more information and solutions to allow his company run its operations efficiently. Unfortunately, Spagnoletti skills are only directed to one or two avenues, which could be disastrous considering the information provided by the crowdsourcing, needs to be sifted using platforms such as knowledge management, which were not applied in his method of data collection. Additionally, he has failed to develop solutions that will focus on product creation while addressing the issues of the customers.

Question 2. Using Crowdsourcing

Campbell uses crowdsourcing by allowing the customers to only offer their opinions and using it to develop products. Unfortunately, the company fails to consider the differences that may exists between the different age groups, tastes, and preferences and the differences in how they sort the data. In the current market atmosphere, crowd sourcing would be considered an appropriate avenue especially for the young generation since it allows them to offer their opinion and suggestion on some of the inputs they feel need to be accommodate by the products they are developing.

Critical Thinking Questions

Question 1. Using Cloud Tools in smaller Organization

            For smaller organizations, opting for clouds need to consider the available infrastructure and the tools that most of the users have. For example, the police might need to use the existing infrastructure, which allows individuals to use their phones while raising their concerns on the issues that need to be used. This data can then be processed or analyzed by the professionals where they will brainstorm on the issues that are raised.

Question 2. Risks taken by Spagnoletti

By opting for lesser spending in the back office, Spagnoletti risks the organization systems being redundant or failing to support the existing infrastructure since organization systems need to always be up to date with the existing trends to reduce the chances of the organization being vulnerable to problems such as hacking.



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