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Current Immigration Policy

| July 5, 2019

1) Is current immigration policy seriously treated as a national security issue? How was it treated prior to 9/11? Finally, what are the challenges that the United States has in regards to securing both the US/Canada and US/Mexico borders? 2) Discuss Customs border authority and ″border searches″, as they pertain to the fourth amendment rule. […]

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Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

| April 10, 2018

Guidelines for Midterm Project “Raising Children Who Think for Themselves,” By Elisa Medhus, M.D. _______________________________________________________________________ Professor: Dr. Carley Zanders (also watch my video at the end to get more guidance on this project) Lifespan Psychology I. General Instructions: For this assignment you will write a research-based report answering specific questions in detail, while incorporating theory […]

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Nutrition Action Plan Assignment

| February 1, 2018

Description This paper must be written at a master level. Please use references that are provided in the instructions. This is a health safety and nutrition assignment within education. Health, Safety and Nutrition Nutrition Action Plan Assignment Due Sunday midnight of Week 7 Purpose: To create an action plan towards furthering your competency in health, […]

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