<>, Celeste Ng

<<Everything I never told you>>, Celeste Ng

  1. In class, we discussed the problematic components of the Model Minority norm for Asian Americans. Focusing on James, Nath, or Lydia, explain how this norm provides opportunities, obstacles, and/or limitations for the character in the course of the book. Be sure to cite and analyse at least TWO key scenes or quotations.
  2. In class, we discussed ‘compulsory heterosexuality,’ Adrienne Rich’s idea that U.S. culture in the period of the novel (1957-1977) was organized around heterosexual marriage, and that gender norms focused on heterosexuality were strictly enforced. Discuss how Marilyn contests ‘compulsory heterosexuality,’ OR discuss how Jack reconciles his love for Nath with the powerful ideology and social norms of ‘compulsory heterosexuality.’ Be sure to cite and analyse at least TWO key scenes or quotations.


<<The Woman Warrior: Memories of a Girlhood Among Ghosts>>, Maxine Hong Kingston

  1. In ‘white tigers,’ the narrator reenvisions the traditional Fa Mulan chant in what Sau-ling Wong has described as a mode of wish fulfilment. In your view, what are the most significant changes, and what do they convey about the narrator’s view of herself and her world? What matters are symbolically resolved by these changes? What unresolved issues are expressed?


  1. In ‘A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe,’ what things make it difficult for the girl-narrator to speak in public(in school or the pharmacist’s shop, for instance) and in private? You may wish to consider what kinds of things are hard to speak about, and what kinds of things she insists on discussing, and what she has to do to gain the power to speak of those things. Discuss, using at least TWO pertinent examples.
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