cell biology

Question: cell biology

A 33year old man was playing cricket for his locals Sunday team. As a new bowler pitched the ball short, it bounces higher than he anticipated and hit him on the side of his head. He immediately fell to the ground unconscious, but after 38 sec he was helped to his feet and felt otherwise well. It was noted that he had some bruising around his temple he decided not to continue playing and went to watch the match from the side. After the next hour he became extremely sleepy and was eventually unavoidable. he was rushed to hospital.

a) Explain the diagnosis

b) What intervention should be done to save his life.


Jonathan is a 21 month old boy referred to the pediatric day unit by his GP. He was seen in the surgery the previous day with diarrhoea and vomiting and seemed to have tummy ache. The vomit contained a small amount of fresh blood, but as he was otherwise well and cardiovascular stable, admission had been deferred because his mother is 36 weeks into her fourth pregnancy. Instead, later that day, the GP rang to check how he was and was reassured to hear that he seemed to have recovered and was tolerating drinks and some food. however, he seems lethargic and finger price blood glucose test performed by his GP was only 3.1mmol/l.Jonathan is the youngest of three children, the older two being6 and 3 years. his father is Navy and is currently at sea.


Respiratory rate     26breaths/mim

Pulse rate           180beats/min

capillary refill time     5seconds

Prothrombin time      19sec

prtial thrombipastin time  32sec

Hb                    12.3g/dl

WBCs                  8.4*10^9/l

a) what pathological process are evident from his clinical findings

b) what is the most likely unifying cause

c) how is this condition managed.

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