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hange Management: Selling Change” by Mariam Al Shehhi.

The article is very remarkable and is founded on the concept that change is constant. The article indulges in three ways of effectively implementing change, that is, effective communication, leadership and avoiding the word change. People love the status quo. Making the employees change the way they operate will face immediate resistance unless they fully understand the essence of the proposed change. Initiating change requires building trust with the employees, communicating effectively about the need for change and formulating a feasible change plan. The article presents the summary of the key thresholds that hold the success of change process in the organization. However, communication is the most critical part of the change process. In order to eliminate the resistance of change within the organization, the change imitators must effectively convince the subordinates of the need of change and the role of each person in the whole process.

“10 Powerful Benefits of Change” by Asmaa Nusairi

The variance between the past and the present world is the improvement in living styles and ways of doing things, which was not possible without invoking change. The article enlists the importance of change in a simple, understandable way. Change plays a very central role in enhancing personal growth, improving the living standards, modelling life values, embracing opportunities and progressing. Change helps to break the routine practices and makes ways of doing things less laborious and more interesting. Despite this importance of change, it is evident that the impact of change depends on the type of change itself……………….

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