characteristics of a geographically defined community of people

A community profile is an exercise in social analysis in which the specific characteristics of a geographically defined community of people are researched and analysed. Community information gathering and awareness of community needs and problems are major and necessary dimensions of community nursing in order that community health problems may be prioritised and resolved, or modified.

Complete the community profile on a local government area in Sydney using the community profile data package (file will be uploaded separately, you only need to use it as a guide, don’t need to fill it out.) based on 2011 Australian census data (ABS). This forms the basis for the essay.

 (Census data for Marrickville: 

In the essay:

  1. Describe a public health problem from the list. (Please choose one of the following health problems that is most likely be onsite of people living in Marrickville, based on their characteristics.)
  • Breast cancer
  • Dementia
  • Asthma
  • Chronic heart failure
  1. Provide a brief aetiology and epidemiology of the Public Health Problem in your LGA.
  1. Briefly describe the characteristics of the LGA, (describe the impact of the Public Health problem on the population of the LGA, and analyse why this community is impacted by this public health problem considering the characteristics of the area.


 Discuss what effect the Wagner and the Taft- Hartley Acts had on labor management relation

 Describe the union organizing process

 Identify the steps in the collective bargaining process

Assess collaboration strategies involving employee and labor relations.


View the video Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining below. In this video, At the time of this interview on “CEO Exchange”, Don Carty was CEO of American Airlines. In this clip he expresses the frustration that many executives in a union environment face, labor costs. This video was prior to Carty’s being fired from his position at environment face, labor costs. This video was prior to Carty’s being fired from his position at American Airlines for announcing executive retention bonuses within hours of convincing union members to wage and benefit concessions in order to save the airline from bankruptcy. Carty currently serves as CEO of Dell, Inc.


 Please be sure to include the answers to the following questions.

If Mr. Carty’s comments on labor costs being part of a cost structure that is higher than revenue are part of American Airlines positioning before contract negotiations, what other preparations is the company probably taking prior to the negotiation process?

Mr. Carty mentions involvement of the federal government in labor relations. What government agencies could he possibly be referring to?

What type of response to Mr. Carty’s comments would you expect from the unions that represent American Airlines employees?

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