chocolate has a high improvement on the memory of women as compared to that of the men

chocolate has a high improvement on the memory of women as compared to that of the men

Research Report

1.0 Introduction

According to Beckett (2008), much of the foods eaten have either a negative or a positive effect on one’s memory. One of the most common delicacies around the world is chocolate. Mattson (2002) observed that 44% of all the young people in the world take chocolate while 25% of the elderly people had taken chocolate in their life. Given the high rate at which people use chocolate around the globe, this study endeavours to evaluate and assesses the effect of chocolate to the human being memory. This will help many people to understand the benefit that they can obtain from intake of chocolate. Specifically the study shall be looking at the difference between effect of chocolate on the memory of men and women.

A recent research shows that eating chocolate can improve memory. Taylor (2013) found out that eating chocolate two hours before taking math tests improved scores significantly. Another research carried out by Shaw, McGaugh & Rose (2010) found that women are better than men on memory tests after eating chocolate. According to Nehlig (2004), chocolate stimulates the nerves and provides energy that is needed by the brain for both carrying out daily activities and synthesising new cells. A study carried out by Pech (2010) indicated that taking chocolate for a period of two months improved the permanent memory of 28% per cent of the students by at least 2% while 32% of the men had 1% memory improvement. The women students could remember difficult words that could not be remembered by the control group faster than the male students could.

Given the findings of the research above, this research expected to find out that chocolate has a high improvement on the memory of women as compared to that of the men. The research sought to answer the question: does eating chocolate improve women memory more than that one of men? Most of the reviewed literature indicted that chocolate has a higher impact on women’s memory compared to that of men, which lead to the development of the research hypothesis, which is that:

Hypothesis one

Chocolate can improve the memory of women more than men’s

Null hypothesis

Chocolate has no effect on the human being memory.

This hypothesis is one tailed because previous research indicates women are more likely to perform better in assessment a

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