Choose a Future Employment Role

You will form groups and apply your knowledge to one specific workplace career role of your choice. You will choose one career only as a group. You should consider the future employment trends of 2020 and refer to and

  1. You will choose a future employment role and discuss the specific skills required by your chosen role.
  2. You will use your knowledge, practical, applied and reflective skills to research and clearly identify what traits and requirements your role needs to be an effective manager across a broad context of workplace problems.
  3. You will identify and show coverage of the major workplace problems/duties and responsibilities this role may encounter
  4. You will then explore 2 of these workplace issues/problems or duties in more depth and you will show how the skills and knowledge learnt in your MBA would enable you to be effective in this chosen role in these scenarios. Refer to specific learnings from specific subjects. You will also identify any shortcomings or gaps in your skill set.
  5. You are required to present this assessment in a recorded 10 minute video and send the link to your facilitator
  6. You are also required to upload a 1000-word narrative to turnitin. You can choose the format for this – e.g. PowerPoint or word document.
  7. You will also be required to participate in a QA in the classroom and share your career learning. All group members are required to participate.

Your presentation should cover

  1. A description of your role
  2. Coverage of workplace issues and problems encountered by this role- 2 scenarios explored in depth
  3. Reflection of the skills needed for the role and the way in which they address the problems you’ve identified based on what you’ve learnt so far in this MBA program
  4. Key models and approaches that could be used in your analysis of the role and the skills required
  5. Recognition of professional development required as a result of having identified the gaps in skill and knowledge
  6. Recommendations and solutions for the future in maintaining currency and relevancy.

Please note
You are free to use any visual aids you like in your recording.
All group members must be clearly participating.
The format of your recording is entirely up to you. You can deliver a standard presentation, a role play, a performance, or any other creative idea of your choice.
Once your file is uploaded, email the link to your Workshop Leader.
If you are studying this subject online, you and your group mates can choose to record a webinar instead, making certain your faces are visible for most of the recording. You can also complete the recording as an individual
The size of your group can be from two to four.

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