Closing the performance gap for low income women prenatal care

Closing the performance gap for low income women prenatal care?”

  • ABCD objectives and explain how you determined your objectives (215 – 300 words)

Audience (What level or ability); Behavior (Observable verb or performance); Condition (Under what circumstances); Degree (How well must they perform)

  • Expected outcomes and explain how you determined outcomes (215 – 300 words)
As a centerpiece
of the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
of 2010, the focus on preventive services is a profound shift from a reactive
system that primarily responds to acute problems and urgent needs to one
that helps foster optimal health and well-being. Women stand to benefit
from this shift given their longer life expectancies, reproductive and gender-
specific conditions, and historically greater burden of chronic disease and
disability. And, for the same reasons, they will benefit economically since the
ACA removes cost-sharing requirements for specified preventive services—
eliminating out-of-pocket costs that often put screenings, counseling and
procedures supporting health out of reach for moderate- and lower-income
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