Cloud Computing and Cyber security

Examine in depth an aspect of Enterprise Systems. Cloud Computing and Cyber security


The topic is Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity




Part 1: Write a Literature review of sources to be used. This should be approximately 2 – 4 pages and will be an additional part of Part 2, and should be included as a separate section before the main part of the Final Report. It does not, however, count towards the final total expected for

Part 2.


Part 2: Write a 7 – 10 pages report examining your chosen topic in depth. This is worth 13%. Include references, which must be to Academic Standard, (see the links below for guides and assistance). Wikipedia is not acceptable as a source in this assignment.



This assignment is to be 7 pages minimum, and 10 pages maximum. More than 10 is too many, and will not be assessed. Any sources or attributions in your referencing must be additional to this. The cover page, bibliography (references), and TOC are also additional to this. An Executive Summary or an Introduction is expected, and will be counted as content. This is approximately 3000 to 4500 words.

It must have standard margins, single spacing, and no more than one line gap between paragraphs. Arial/Helvetica fonts only, size 12 for the main content (headers etc size 14-16 only).


Referencing Assistance

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