Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Make sure to use academic reference only (IEEE, spring etc ) (last 6 years ) or government

regulation or official document + Cloud Security alliance document if needed

Minimum five references

  1. 1. Cloud Computing 3 page
  2. 2. Overview ( 1 page) : background about Cloud when it started and what is current state

and what is the future of cloud computing and how it is important to develop

What is the advantage and disadvantage of cloud?

  1. 1. Cloud Service Models vs Categories [ explain barfly that there is two approach (Model from NIST document) & (Cloud Service Categories types from ITU document) both attached      NIST Cloud Service Models : SaaS, PaaS and IaaS          Software as a Service (SaaS), with examples          Platform as a Service (PaaS) with examples          Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with examples      ITU , ISO Cloud Service Categories types:          Application,          Platform          Infrastructure          Mention CaaS, CompaaS, DSaaS , NaaS   (briefly )

Use ITU define and check if there different service model in Asia and Europe  (attached

ITU-T Y.3500.pdf)

2.2. Cloud Deployment Model:

  1. 1. Public Cloud,
  2. 2. Private Cloud,
  3. 3. Community Cloud
  4. 4. Hybrid Cloud


2.3. Cloud Characteristics : On-demand self-service,

  1. 1. broad network access,
  2. 2. Resource pooling,
  3. 3. rapid elasticity
  4. 4. Measured Service

Sample Paper

Cloud Computing

  1. Overview

Cloud computing according to Puig and Kwasniewksi (2) refers to a form of computing which focuses on interaction of all the shared resources being interlinked on the internet. In the last one decade, cloud computing has gained a lot of popularity with different entities relying on its application to deploy its systems as a backup plan should its physical facilities fail to function. However, as an idea, cloud computing began in the 90’s although it did not at the time bear the name cloud computing but rather just as the cloud. Its application at the time revolved around the webpages until the idea of telecommuting became a necessity for large organizations. Its boom was attained in year 2006 when introduced their elastic compute clouds (13). Today, various computing based companies have also followed suit to respond to the new market with new inventions being created every day to reshape and reinvent the application of the trend in the market.

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