Club 18-30 style Mediterranean party

Club 18-30 style Mediterranean party

Literature Review

The Process of Undertaking a Search for Academic Literature

In order to get the academic literature about Club 18-30 style Mediterranean party tourism holidays the following process was followed which comprised of 7 steps of getting the information from the online database.

Step 1: Identifying keywords. This involves searching for key words that are relevant to the topic of party tourism and Club 18-30. This will help to identify the journal articles that uses the common key words.

Step 2: searching the online database. The keywords lists is used to carry out online search on the online database. Some of the key words include party tourism, club 18-30, and packaged tourism for young people. Some of the database searched for include ProQuestDocuments and EBSCO Host databases.

Step 3: compilation of the possible sources list. This involves getting all the articles that are related to the keyword. The information was then copy and posted in the word document to comprise a list of sources.

Step 4: collecting the abstracts. This entails searching the online abstracts and identifying the articles that are relevant for the study.

Step 5: Eliminating irrelevant literature. This involves sorting out the identified articles to eliminate the one will not be needed.

Step 6: articles collection. This involves collecting the sources that will be used in the literature which have the information that is relevant to party tourism and the club 18-30.

Step 7: The last step involves using the identified journal articles to carry out critical review by synthesizing the key issues discussed in these journals.

Critical Review

According to Jacobs (2009) sex tourism is not just limited to being a prostitute but can be considered to include a lot of terms with blurred lines. The behaviour of the young people towards party has progressed from the conventional form of entertainment and learning a new experience into ‘wild’ partying, which has led to diff………………………

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