Coaching and Mentoring in a Global Context

Focus on: mentoring, coaching, and discipling concepts.

  • How does each apply, or not, to the case?
  • What are the issues of the case? How did they occur and why; what are the motivational issues of the principals?
  • Where are the principals relationally at the end of the case (now)? How did their journey evolve?
  • What implications for coaching and mentoring in a global context can be found in the case?
  • Review the case study guidelines in Blackboard.
  • Length of paper: 8-10 pages, Times New Romans 12pt; double-spaced
  • DIRECTION: Approach this assignment as if you are a junior officer at a competitor bank, Wells Fargo, who has been tasked by your Manager (Professor) to analyze the CoreStates experience and make recommendations so that Wells Fargo can learn from the lessons of the CoreStates experience. Offer three (3) actionable and S.M.A.R.T. recommendations.
    • Format (APA)
    • Title Page
    • Executive Summary [single-spaced] How to Write an Executive Summary _EXSUM_.jpg  
    • Introduction [background/context, purpose statement]
    • Analysis
      • Mentoring, Coaching, Discipling Concepts [as applicable]
      • Motivational Issues
      • Where are the Principals Relationally Now
      • Implications for Coaching and Mentoring in a Global Context
    • Recommendations
      • #1.
      • #2.
      • #3.
    • References [Ensure you cite ALL the course materials — textbooks and journal articles — in your Analysis. NOTE: There is no need or requirement to cite the case in your paper]
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