Colombia’s Economy through the decades

Jack, Bert and Pratt

Assignment: Jack, Bert, and Pratt


Bert was sitting in a car with Pratt when Jack approached the car. Jack pointed a gun at Bert and fired, but mistakenly killed Pratt. Jack attempted to fire again at Bert, but his gun jammed and would not fire. Jack jumped into his car, put the gun into the glove compartment, and sped off.

Jack’s attorney moved to dismiss the charge of the attempted murder of Bert on the ground that Jack could not have killed Bert due to the malfunctioning of his gun. The court granted the motion.


Was the court correct in dismissing the attempted murder charge? Be sure to describe the elements of a criminal act and address impossibility and distinguish if it is a complete or incomplete attempt.

Also address any ethical or moralistic concerns associated with allowing a criminal defendant to avoid criminal responsibility by successfully asserting a legal defense such as impossibility.

Answer the questions above in a 2 – 3 page paper (excluding cover and reference pages) in APA format.

Colombia’s Economy through the decades.

Colombia’s Economy through the decades.

The first 5 pages of this paper need to briefly cover the first 2 topics below: Topic 1: Examine the strategy of Import Substituting Industrialization (ISI) in Colombia theoretically and the political consequences of such a development plan. In addition examine Colombia’s experience with ISI.
Topic 2 will examine the Lost Decade in Colombia. Issues to be covered include the stagnation of the ISI effort, and the crisis of authoritarian regimes, as well as the oil and debt crises as triggers of the deep economic decline that Latin American countries suffered during the 1980s.

The last 5 pages should cover the below topic
Topic 3: Cover the period of neoliberal reforms. This discussion should include a conceptual definition of the main policies of the Washington Consensus, coupled with the analysis of Colombia and the discussion of the main criticisms that have emerged in recent years.


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