COM 301 The End of Privacy

COM 301 The End of Privacy

COM 301 Unit 8 Discussion

COM 301 The End of Privacy

After watching the Frontline clip “The End of Privacy,” speculate on how the Internet and mobile media have changed our idea of privacy. Are there spaces and places that are still “private” or have the Internet and mobile media shifted our once private spaces into public ones? How does this impact our social lives?

COM 301 Unit 8 Discussion 2 Latest

Watch the three Frontline clips dealing with multi-tasking (Multi-Tasking at M.I.T., Multi-Tasking Mentality, and How Do Teens Do Homework Today). Explore your own experiences with multi-tasking, especially when completing schoolwork. What is the impact of working in numerous screens and splitting your focus between several tasks? Is multi-tasking a necessary skill of the future or is it just another distraction to keep us from focusing on what is really important?

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