COM 301 Unit 2 News Perspectives Assignment

COM 301 Unit 2 News Perspectives Assignment Recent

COM 301 Unit 2 News Perspectives Assignment Latest

After watching the two television news reports on Ebola (Fox News and CNN) in this Unit, explore how the information is being presented to the audience. What is the slant/skew present in each of the news reports and where do you think this comes from? Think about Fox News and CNN as news organizations. Are they conservative/liberal? How is their political stance evident in the news reports?

What facts are being presented in each of the news reports and how? Who is being used as an expert to give opinion in each news report and why? How does this choice influence the slant/skew and how the audience interprets/understands the story? What kind of language is being used by reporters and experts? Are there any emotionally-charged words present?

Discuss how these two news reports are a reflection of the agenda-setting and framing theory. If you need clarification on these, please watch the short youtube video on agenda-setting theory.

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