COM 301 Unit 3 Uses and Gratification Project-Part B

COM 301 Unit 3 Uses and Gratification Project-Part B


COM 301 Unit 3 Uses and Gratification Project-Part B

1. Apply the Uses and Gratification Model to your Media Usage Inventory from the past three days. As discussed in class, identify how the media functions for you on an individual, or micro level.

2. Carefully analyze your data. Look for patterns, themes and anything that surprises you.

3. Carefully review your inventory and findings. Write a 2-3 page summary of your media usage. State explicitly:

1. How media functions in your life in relation to the Uses and Gratification Model.

§ How do you use media individually? What desires do you fulfill through your media use? Which category of U & G do you use most often and for what? Do you use particular media to fulfill specific desires? (For example, do you always use the Internet for cognition?) Is your media use routine/predictable?

2. What you learned about yourself as a media consumer.

§ What do your habits/patterns tell you about your consumption? What kind of media consumer are you? Are there any habits you aren’t satisfied with and would like to change? How does your media consumption shape your behavior, attitude, beliefs and ideas?

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