COM 301 Unit 5 Magazine Assignment

COM 301 Unit 5 Magazine Assignment 

COM 301 Unit 5 Magazine Assignment Latest

Magazines are probably most in tune with social, demographic, economic, and cultural trends. As consumer and business needs and interests change, new magazines emerge and existing magazines fine-tune their content. Magazines are also an example of the most specialized type of medium, with publications targeting extremely small niche markets. Following your reading, determine a market that is not represented and create a NEW magazine that does not yet exist. NOT a new version or a NEW language of an old version, but a NEW magazine for a specialized, target audience.

Answer the following questions as you pitch your magazine:

1. What is the name of your magazine?

2. Who is your audience? (NO 8-80 year old target audience! BE SPECIFIC!) Things to consider:

  • Age, gender, income, geographic location if applicable, education level, interests, kind of business they are in, marital status, family, etc.
  • Where do they shop for clothes, what do they do on the weekend, what was the last movie they saw, what’s playing on their iPod, etc.

3. Write a one paragraph mission statement that summarizes the goal of your magazine. For examples, search your favorite magazine’s website.

4. Why is your magazine needed? What need is it filling for readers? WHY?

5. Will you be print/online or both? WHY?

6. Where will most be sold: newsstand (20%), mail (80% subscription), pass along, other?

7. Where will you advertise? TV, other magazines, newspapers, online, radio? WHY?

8. What will be the first 3-5 stories you run and why? Give us the titles.

9. Who would you ask to write for your magazine and why?

10. Who would you like to OWN you? Which conglomerate? Why?

11. What would your first cover look like? Or who would be on it?

12. What is the price of your magazine?

13. What are some regular features included in each issue?

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