COM 301 Unit Discussion Questions

COM 301 Unit Discussion Questions Latest Package


COM 301 Unit 1 Discussion 1 Latest

Explore your relationship with your cell phone. What role does it play in your daily life and what functions does it serve? Connect your observations with the concepts of convergence and interactivity discussed in your textbook. More specifically, provide examples/instances of how convergence and interactivity play out in the daily uses and functions of your cell phone.

COM 301 Unit 1 Discussion 2 Latest

After watching the 60 minutes segment “The March of the Machines,” reflect on how technology has and is changing our cultural environments and interpersonal communication. In addition, explore your thoughts on the role of robots and other technology in the current workforce. Do you think robots will soon replace the majority of the workforce in America? If so, what will the impact be on our society?

COM 301 Unit 2 Discussion 1 Latest

After reviewing this unit’s resources and reading the associated chapter in your book, reflect on your own definition of culture. What elements is culture composed of? Where do you think culture comes from? Does media reflect culture or does media shape/lead culture?

COM 301 Unit 2 Discussion 2 Latest

After watching the explanation of agenda setting and framing theory, choose one current news story and explore how the issue is being “framed” within the reporting/presentation of information. Can you point to any biases or slant in the way the story is being presented? How often do you believe this happens to major news stories and is it an ethical way to present information?

COM 301 Unit 3 Discussion 1 Latest

What is your reaction to George Gerbner’s theory of the “Mean World Syndrome?” Identify a real world situation you’ve experienced that would support his theory.

COM 301 Unit 3 Discussion 2 Latest

In the video clip from “Tough Guise,” Jackson Katz explores the idea of masculinity in the American culture. What connections can you make between his theories and the “cultivation effect” discussed in your text as well as the article by Erica Goode in the unit resources? Reflect on your own ideas of gender. Where do you think the ideas come from and how much of a role do media play in cultivating certain attitudes and perceptions about gender in our culture?

COM 301 Unit 4 Discussion 1 Latest

After viewing the video clip “Killing Us Softly” think about the impact of modern day advertising on women and girls. What does American advertising say about our culture’s concept of female beauty? What other female stereotypes exist within the advertising industry? What can be done to debunk these ideas and stereotypes on an individual and societal level? Are the issues with women’s advertising discussed by Jean Kilborne in “Killing Us Softly” carried over onto new media platforms such as Internet and smartphone advertising? How do they compare (print advertising/television commercials vs. Internet/smartphone)?

COM 301 Unit 4 Discussion 2 Latest

After watching the series of commercials for the popular video game “Call of Duty,” reflect on the meaning of the advertisements in connection with our culture. What do these advertisements say about our culture of violence? Who are the advertisements targeted towards? What assumptions do the advertisements make about the target audience/consumers of the video game?

COM 301 Unit 5 Discussion 1 Latest

Are the traditional mediums of the print industry (books, magazines, newspapers) a dying breed? What impact has the digital revolution had on how we experience these traditional forms and will publishers continue to print in hard copy format with the rise of devices like the tablet?

COM 301 Unit 5 Discussion 2 Latest

Reference the Media & Culture entry in your textbook on page 68. Do you agree with McLuhan’s ideas about the impact of media on patterns of thinking and orientation? If our modes of thinking and orientation are impacted by the dominant medium we use, what impact does the digitization of the print industry have on our reading habits? After reading the Pew Research Study “Young Americans’ Reading and Library Habits,” discuss how our reading and library habits have changed as a result of the emergence of ebooks. Is there anything in the study that surprises you?

COM 301 Unit 6 Discussion 1 Latest

Read the case study “Unviable Business Model” and explore your own relationship with downloading and experiencing music. What are your thoughts on peer-to-peer music sharing? Do you believe artists and the music industry suffer when consumers share music illegally or download music from sources like itunes? Or is it the consumers right to use alternative sources to download music? Can the music industry survive the digital revolution like other mediums have?

COM 301 Unit 6 Discussion 2 Latest

What do you make of Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ performance art piece? Is music performance the ultimate form of visual art and where does this fit in with the more commercialized forms we are used to viewing? Are recording artists like Lady Gaga, known for her costumes and theatrical stage performances, becoming the norm in the music industry? What do you make of Wu-Tang Clan’s unconvential distribution model featured in this unit’s resources? Does music belong in a museum and be considered high-art?

COM 301 Unit 7 Discussion 1 Latest

After viewing the two news segments on the impact of reality television (“Reality Television’s Bad Influence” and “Do Reality Shows Make Teen Girls ‘Mean Girls'”) speculate on the validity of the claims. What is your perspective on the impact of this type of programming? As a medium, do you believe television has the greatest power to socialize? If so, what makes it so powerful and influential?

COM 301 Unit 7 Discussion 2 Latest

After reading the Neilson report “Action Figures: How second screens are transforming television viewing,” think about your own television viewing habits. How do you measure up to this data? What is the typical way you experience viewing television and what other mediums do you combine with the activity? What do you make of the article “Disney Encourages Kids to Play Games in the Theater during ‘The Little Mermaid'” in connection with the Neilson report?

COM 301 Unit 8 Discussion 1 Latest

After watching the Frontline clip “The End of Privacy,” speculate on how the Internet and mobile media have changed our idea of privacy. Are there spaces and places that are still “private” or have the Internet and mobile media shifted our once private spaces into public ones? How does this impact our social lives?

COM 301 Unit 8 Discussion 2 Latest

Watch the three Frontline clips dealing with multi-tasking (Multi-Tasking at M.I.T., Multi-Tasking Mentality, and How Do Teens Do Homework Today). Explore your own experiences with multi-tasking, especially when completing schoolwork. What is the impact of working in numerous screens and splitting your focus between several tasks? Is multi-tasking a necessary skill of the future or is it just another distraction to keep us from focusing on what is really important?


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