Company Security with VPN and IP Cameras

Company Security with VPN and IP Cameras 

the solution of using a Windows Server 2012 environment with a domain controller allowing a qualified user to create a virtual private network (VPN), access shared folder and access an IP camera within the internal network of the home. VPN will use PPTP protocol. The company has no system yet and we will implement the system for them. This is phase one only. Please follow the attached templete and fill it(important). we will order the other phases after we recieve the materials our project will be same as a project we saw in the net. attached powerpoint will show the programs used and how does it work.

Write a brief introduction that provides background about your project. Include your project idea (topic), the main stakeholder(s), and fill out the information in the table below.

Project Objectives

Explain the specific objectives of the project. For example: What value does this project add to the organization? How does this project align with the strategic priorities of the organization? What results are expected? What are the high-level deliverables? What benefits will be realized? What problems will be resolved?

Project Scope

Describe the scope of the project. The project scope establishes the boundaries of the project (what’s included and who’s involved). It identifies the limits of the project and defines the deliverables. Also, list any requirements that are specifically excluded from the scope.

Technical Background

The technical background of a project refers to the project “work” field. For example, your main field is information technology with a sub-field of security or networking. Did you do any research on technical aspects? If so, what are the technical aspects and characteristics of such projects (focus on your project area: e.g. security, software development, networking, etc.)? What are the technical defects? Please cite all sources in the reference section according to HCT formatting guidelines.

Literature Review

What sources did you consult that made you aware of the problem? What literature did you review to ascertain whether a similar project has been done before? If a similar project has been done before, justify how your project is different and what value it would add in terms of improvements and innovation. Please cite all sources in the reference section according to HCT formatting guidelines.

Success Criteria

Identify metric and target you are trying to achieve as a result of this project. For example, overall cost savings of AED 50K or reduce processing time by 25 percent.

Project Signoff

The signatures of the people below document approval of the formal Project Charter. The project manager is empowered by this charter to proceed with the project as outlined in the charter.

Signatures and Comments
Name Signature Date
Type Name here

Comments: Stakeholder comments here (if any). Add as many rows as you listed in the jobs and responsibilities above.


Summarize your project as a solution to a certain problem. Describe the major challenges that you have identified, and list the different areas that the team must research and/or study before they can complete the project. Your discussion should include identified high-level risk and how you plan on mitigating them.

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