Comparing Entrepreneurs from different Industries

Comparing Entrepreneurs from different Industries

The assignment requires you to identify 2 successful and famous entrepreneurs of your choice from two different industries and countries , and provide a profile brief of the entrepreneurs you have selected for comparison;

The assignment must:

– compare entrepreneurs from two different industries and countries
– have proper references using the Harvard system of referencing.
– be written in formal, easy understandable English (English is my second language)
– The assignment need to include the following criteria and considerations:
• the degree of critical evaluation and analysis in the arguments made (descriptive submissions are likely to receive low marks).
• scope of reading and research demonstrated in the answer by appropriate referencing.
• the degree to which your arguments are underpinned by theory and research evidence.
• clarity and structure of the arguments (formal essay format with appropriate introduction and conclusions 
should be used).
• use of appropriate examples.
• overall presentation, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Distribution of marks for the assignment:
10% Presentation and Layout
10% Study candidate background
20% Discussion of rationality and justification of choice of candidate
40% Discussion on the choice of model selected and analytical discussion on findings
20% Reflective discussion on learning module outcomes
using concepts and models learn from module MGT6A3, explain why your choice of persons can be classed 
as entrepreneurs;
explain and discuss what is your choice of critique for comparison and why the two entrepreneurs are 
worthy of recognition; and,

critically reflect on the modules learning outcomes and explain how you have achieve them through the 
completion of the module’s individual assignment. 
(I will provide you with the power point slides from our lectures)

Please use easy accessible sources.

Please include information from the power point slides and if there is any possbility please use following books:

STOKES, WILSON & MADOR (2010) Entrepreneurship

WICKHAM. A (2006) Strategic Entrepreneurship. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd. (4th ed.)

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