Comparison of Joseph Warren “Boston Massacre Oration” and Daniel Leonard “The Inhabitants of Massachusetts-Bay”

The write-ups “Boston Massacre Oration” by Joseph Warren and “The Inhabitants of Massachusetts-Bay” by Daniel Leonard tend to display diversity of facts and opinions of the authors to the target audience. The nature of facts expressed in both texts is controversial. While Warren shows his anti-colonial antics, Leonard supports the British colonial rule and communicates his loyalty to the British government. Warren seems to be aggravated by the actions of the British colonists in America. His write-up dismisses the rulers of his province as irresponsible and without concern of its inhabitants. At the time of writing this document, America was under British rule and hence its provinces had no representation at the House of Lords. The people in authority were British and had little regard for their subjects. Warren is disturbed by the fact that the Americans are supposed to follow rules formulated and enacted thousand miles away (Johnson 103). Since America was a colony of British, all laws were drawn by the colonist government. The citizens were governed to British laws which were executed by the British system of justice. Warren observed it as improper for Americans to be subjected to laws that they did not make. Admittance to such laws resulted to enslavement.

While Warren dismisses the colonial rule and its governance structure, Leonard calls for obedience and loyalty the British rule. The Leonard’s text was written at a time when liberalists were championing Americans to revolt against the British colonial rule. It is observed that Leonard is contented with the rule of the British in America. Leonard criticizes those people who fighting for liberation of the Americans arguing that it will only bring disharmony in the region. He argues that revolts will only lead to bloodshed and loss of lives and no good will come from it. His write-up dismisses the people’s urge to liberate their country from the British rule as treason (Johnson, 111). Contrast to Warren’s arguments, Leonard fails to understand why people…

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