Competitor Tracking System

A plan to monitor competitors use of technology in the customer service industry of HOTELS in order to improve visitor/customer experience and continuously improve the services.

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Hotel Competitor Technology Monitoring Plan


In business, one always needs to know what their competitors are doing. Even before entering into the world of business, one always watched their competition; in class or in a sports team, one not only strived to keep up, one wanted to know where the marker was set so they could go one step further. It is always about finding new opportunities and setting new goals anchored on someone one aspires to beat (Stefano Chessa, 2012). With such an important need along with the extensive internet expansion, marketing tools come in handy here. Mostly tools which help one monitor their own web performance can also aid one collect data on their competition (Vriens, 2004). This paper describes a competitor technology monitoring plan in the hotel industry.

Competitive analysis process

Market wisdom today advocates that hospitality companies have to embrace technology to contend against traditional competitors, along with entrants that build their businesses embedded with the latest technology. In this constantly changing environment, new distribution models have to be designed to guide the charge. For that reason, a strategic information managed function must facilitate the business’ mission of its enterprise via managed data, processes and managed information technology (Stefano Chessa, 2012). Generally, modern applications of computer technology within the tourism and hospitality industries can be clustered into three categories, operational, management information and guest services (Vriens, 2004). The overall functionality of these applications is comparable across a range of diverse hospitality organizations even if the technology used to support them may vary.


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