Comprehension of Bolman and Deal’s frames

Comprehension of Bolman and Deal’s frames


People look at the world using different perspectives. The perspectives offer scaffolding that assists in organizing raw experience of one’s world. These perspectives can be referred to as frames. Bolman and Deal  (2008)  noted that no one person uses a single frame for all time, but often people show the preference for a particular frame. Bolman and Deal (2008) used the term frame to refer to lenses that allow people to order their experience. They identified four frames through which people especially leaders view their organization and world in general, these are, political, structural, human resource, and symbolic. Given the importance of these frames in shaping, the way people look at things; this study aims at demonstrating comprehension of Bolman and Deal’s frames through analysis of two movies (Working Girl and The Constant Gardener) and two frames (human resource and political frames). The study commences by looking at the Bolman and Deal frames, and then analyses the indicated movies through these lenses.

Overview of Bolman and Deal Frames

The original work of Bolman and Deal used four frames as perspectives through which different leaders could process and view their organization, leadership, and work. The frames are helpful in demonstrating different ways in which different kinds of people process organizational life and life in general from different focus points. On addition to this the frames offers both practical and intellectual…………………..

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