Computing Course Work: Network and Internet Security

Computing Course Work

Network and Internet Security

  1. Between Public Key and Private Key Which One, is Most Appropriate?

A private key would be considered the most appropriate solution to minimize chances of hacking into a computer since it is not freely shared such as public key and it is only known by an individual’s themselves.

  1. Precautions To Protect Hacking On Social Media Accounts

            Individuals can take various precautions to protect themselves from incidences of hacking in their social media accounts. The most notable of these are being keen especially when logging in using public accessed computers. Individuals need to be careful not to click the feature logged in or remember password. Additionally, individual may opt for the privacy features of the search engines, which allows the computer to log them off once they have stopped using the browser. Another aspect is to apply limiting features such as the privacy feature on Facebook, which allows only a certain circle of friend to access ones profile hence reducing vulnerability. Securing email addresses by applying features such as alternate mail to assure recovery and increase chances of the account recovery might also be an essential precaution to adopt.

Computer Security and Privacy

  1. Precautions to guard against theft of Portable Computers


  1. Difference between Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and a Surge Suppressor
  2. Think of one computer-related security or privacy risk you have encountered recently. Describe the risk and list at least one precaution that could be taken to minimize that risk.

Emerging Technologies

  1. Between OLED and LCD Display Which one use More Battery Power
  2. Between Wi-Fi and Wireless HD, Which One Would Be Preferred For Networking At Home
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