Consultation Competency Practiced in ICU Floor

The most recent case where consultation competency was witnessed in the ICU involved adult’s critical care. This is where the ICU facility handled critical adult cases such as hemodynamic problems, complex respiratory problems and biomedical situations among others. Consultation competency was observed where the nurses consult with specific nursing specialists while dealing with cases that are beyond their abilities. The clinicians were also observed to consult with previous practitioners who had handled the patients before to establish their health history (Foster, 2012, p. 472). Graduate competency criteria of care was adequately followed where the clinicians practicing in this floor fully adhered to professional guidelines of practice, ethical as well as legal requirements in handling the clinical cases. Teamwork and collaboration were observed while handling the patients in ICU.

Coaching and Mentoring in Nursing Graduates

According to Thompson, Wolf & Sabatine (2012, p. 536), the nursing field is in dire need of more practitioners due to the constantly growing number of care seekers. Connectively, nursing institutions provide the market with large numbers of graduates who need to be absorbed in care facilities. Hamric et al (2013) indicates that there is eminent need to provide orientation to the new graduates about the nursing practice to harmonize their different cultural, educational and experiential backgrounds. Coaching and mentorship is therefore critical…”

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