Contemporary Businesses In the Face of Disruptive Events

Contemporary businesses that do not adequately or properly address the factors in their environment succumb to pressures that they cannot account for. Post examples of firms that have experienced severe disruptive events, causing significant loss of revenue, or firms that have had to close entirely due to factors in their environment are common. Instructions: The business case study is a comprehensive assessment of the environmental factors that led to a prominent business to make a significant loss, or which led to its closure. You must choose the case of a high profile Australian or International business that fits this criterion.


• Correctly identify and analyse the specific event(s) which led to the loss/closure. Describe the environment in which the business was operating, discussing in the context of the theories and frameworks presented in this subject

• Describe the environmental factors leading to the loss by categorising these events into the elements of the business environment espoused in this subject

• Accurately describe the response by the business which was unsuccessful The structure of the assignment should follow standard case study structure

• Introduction and background information

• Body of information and discussion of relevant topics

• Conclusion and summary

• Referencing in the APA style.

I have attached an example.

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