Project description
i would like you to write not an essay but a contract AS US BEING A BUYER. I want you to follow the guidelines very carefully. we are buying JET FUEL.

the scenario:
we are a small airline with 5 aircrafts, type of aircraft is A320. We conduct 12 flights in one week. This type of aircraft has a fuel capacity of (5,154 imp gal). we will buy fuel from another company. our contract duration is fro 2 years.

You should:-
hand in on the day of the negotiation a Contract Negotiation Plan detailing the 5 essential elements:
(1) selected contract negotiation strategies which are;
-plan the contract negotiation.
-adapt a win/win approach.
-maintain high aspiration.
-use language that is simple and accessible
-ask lots of questions and listen with your eyes and ears.
-build solid relationships.
-maintain personal integrity.
-conserve concessions
-make patience an obsession
-be culturaly literate and adapt the contact negotiation prosess to the host country environment.
(2) selected contract negotiation tactics and counter tactics; which is about how each person is going to act when negotiating:
– good guy/bad guy tactic.
(3) desired terms & conditions; which are a terms that us as BUYERS would put for the sellers such as:
-payment and delivery and other terms.
(4) list of must haves; and
the most important things that us the BUYERS want to force the seller to commit to.
(5) selected pricing range: which is our budget as BUYERS

this is NOT AN ESSAY. its a CONTACT NEGOTIATION PLAN. please keep that in mind while writing and follow the instructions very carefully.

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