Conversation-style piece about the article

Conversation-style piece about the article

Instructions for Coursework Assessment
The purpose of this assessment is for you to translate psychological research as published in an academic journal into a short piece for a popular audience. Many such pieces are published on the website The Conversation.

On our module Study Direct site, on the very first page, there is an example of an academic article, “Example article,” and the Conversation that was written about it “Example Conversation piece.” Please read through these first, to get an idea of the task.

Next, choose the academic article. You have a choice of three. Each one corresponds to one of the Social Psychology topics covered in the first three weeks of the module. Go to each section on the Study Direct site, and you will find a “Conversation article option.” Choose ONE of these.

Write a Conversation-style piece about the article.

Word limit: 1000.

When marking this piece of work, I will assess how will your piece addresses these questions:

1. Is the piece engaging? Does it draw the reader in by relating the topic to everyday life?
2. Does the piece place the research in context by describing previous work in the area? (Note that this material is expected to come from the lecture and/or core text. You are not expected to undertake any further reading.)
3. Are the methods and results of the article clearly explained? (Note that extensive detail is not required, or indeed possible within the word limit. It is important to choose a few key findings to convey accurately.)
4. Are the results interpreted correctly? Are implications of the findings clearly explained?
There is no reference needed. Thank you.

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