crisis management at APPLE INC


report covering the area above and making at least two recommendations for improvement around programming and audience development. Could you include this part on the essay.
I had the chance to go with my group to Hatfactory to see a show, it was extremely interesting because first the story of the show was new for me plus I had to think more about the management and organisation stuff which were related to this subject.
I met new people in the factory with different ages, I had to ask them about their experience and how they feel about it. That was really cool and I could say I gain a good ability of conversations.
My group was perfect we helped each other and we had to chose the show and the suitable time for each of us to be all of us fear. As Luton as a multy culture the audience were mixed and the ages also between young and old people. That seems like the Hatfactory offers alot of events and activites for erveryone of us.

crisis management at APPLE INC

Organizational leaders often see crisis as a uniformly negative event that should be avoided at all costs. They often focus crisis management efforts on trying to predict every negative situation that could possibly occur and developing a plan to avoid them. Such an approach is impractical according to researchers Antonacopoulou and Sheafer (2011) because unexpected crises are an inevitable part of business. Moreover, they propose “a dynamic view of learning and crisis as central to manage­ment and organization practices” (p. 4). Crises, they say, not only happen during large-scale disasters but also occur on a smaller scale each time someone is pressured to make a decision for which prior solutions are inadequate. These situations force people to “make new connections” among existing knowledge to arrive at novel solutions. Research such as this suggests that crises can be learning opportunities.

To prepare, identify a crisis the organization that you chose for your SSP (APPLE INC) has faced in the past, a crisis that it is currently facing, or a crisis that a competitor in that industry has faced that your selected organization may face in the future.

By Day 3 of Week 7, post a 6–7 paragraph explanation of the crisis that you selected and a crisis management response recommendation. Include an analysis of the ethical implications of that recommendation. Reference at least three scholarly peer-reviewed resource in your recommendation.

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