Critical Analysis of Leadership

Critical Analysis of Leadership


This project focuses on critical analysis of three practicing CEO’s in Australia. The study looks at the approaches to their leadership in a work-related environment. Specifically the study looks at the leadership approaches of Jürgen Hendrich (MEO Australia Ltd CEO), Martin Benders (Mazda Australia managing director), and Giam Swiegers (the outbound CEO of Deloitte Australia). The analysis of these leaders is carried out by assessing the nature of their leadership and leadership design as brought out in their interviews with Australian Small Cap Investigator magazine, Car advice website, and Deloitte Australia consulting partner on the Deloitte Australia website.

The Australian Small Cap Investigator magazine is a publication of Port Phillip Publishing Pty Ltd, which is a reputable financial consulting services provider in Australia (Australian Small Cap Investigator, 2009). The publication offers credible advices to Australian investors, and thus its interview with the Jürgen Hendrich (MEO Australia Ltd CEO) is more likely to be unbiased and it is likely to look at the transformative leadership quality of Mr. Hendrich as well his approach to current business issues. The Car advice website provides interviews with various CEO’s who have made a difference in the automobile industry in Australia. The aim of the website is to critique and analyses the leaders in light of their leadership approach and strategy that sees their company prevail in this rather competitive industry. The publication of the interview between the Giam Swiegers (the outbound CEO of Deloitte Australia) and Deloitte Australia consulting partner on the Deloitte Australia website was chosen because it analyses factors and traits that led to the transformation of Deloitte company since Swiegers assumed the helm of leadership in the company.

Jürgen Hendrich worked at of MEO Australia between June 2008 and January 2014, the period that include his term as the company’s CEO. MEO Australia Limited is publicly traded company in Australia (headquartered at Melbourne…………………….

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