Critical Annotated Bibliography on Searching Basics

Your first writing assignment will be a Critical Annotated Bibliography, which will require you to locate five (5) scholarly sources and analyze them. This discussion topic is designed to help you get started on that assignment.

Please watch the video, “How to Read and Comprehend Scientific Research Articles.”  The video is linked to the Content for this week. In addition, please read over the “Template for Taking Notes on Research Articles.” 

Then read over “Searching Basics” from the UMUC Library to learn how to get started on your own research. You’re also welcome to watch Library Tutorials #1 and #2 at this time. They’ll help you in your search as well. 

Please respond to this discussion topic by answering the following questions.

1. In your opinion, what is the most important step to take when reading research articles? According to the material you’ve watched and read, what is the most important step to take when reading research articles? Answer in one or two sentences.

2. What research topic do you think that you will focus upon for this semester’s work? Why? Answer in one or two sentences.

3. After reading “Searching Basics” and/or watching the first two library tutorials, please find one (1) article on your chosen research topic that review and give the findings of a research study.  In responding to this discussion topic, give the author(s), the title of the article, and a brief one- or two-sentence description of the research study and its findings. 

(The activity in this last task will help you get started on your Critical Annotated Bibliography, which is Writing Assignment #1.)

4. Now take a moment to reflect on one classmate’s chosen topic (refer to #2). Respond to his or her thread and write one to two sentences sharing your thoughts on his or her topic. 

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