Critical Reflection Essay Assignment

Critical Reflection Essay Assignment

Write an essay about your experience researching and writing the multi-source essay. Incorporate a discussion of the course goals and the synthesis paper requirements–that is your writing situation–and how your essay meets those goals.

Recount the progression of your critical thinking in the development of your paper. Explain your writing and thinking processes and the impact of your research on them. How did you problematize the issue you selected? How did you make your points?

Think about all the components of your rhetorical situation. Which means, talk about how you tried to reach the audience. Who is/are your ACADEMIC (hint, you are not writing to parents, the general public, anyone who happens to read your paper) audience(s).

Talk about how you tried to reach the audience. What was your purpose? (By reading the CR, the reader should be able to see what you were trying to say in your MS and why you wanted to say it). How did you logically support your points, establish credibility?

What choices have you made? How did your rhetorical situation influence those choices? How did you use rhetorical appeals to reach your audience? Why did you do what you did to get the reader to consider your ideas? How are you becoming a credible academic writer?

Include a section on your writing process: discuss your intellectual path rather than your actual writing technique (not what you did physically, I mean…not “I typed the intro, then the body”…Instead what were you thinking when you wrote and then when you revised. Revision takes rhetorical decision making, so talk about that too–what you did to try to reach the audience better in revisions.

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