Critique of the documentary, Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness

Critique of the documentary, Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness

Critique of the documentary, Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness

Watch the documentary: Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness (1:22:07) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In preparation for this discussion, take notes on the points made in this documentary regarding the unintended consequences of suburban sprawl and how it could alter municipal development. Consider the consequences of investment in inefficient horizontal growth patterns of suburban communities, and whether or not that investment is a threat to national wealth. How does the depletion of fossil fuels impact living arrangements? Are there viable alternatives that are currently available?

Post a thoughtful critique of the documentary, Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness. Be sure to include the following in your critique:

  • Overall impression of the film.
  • Were the issues presented in a biased or unbiased manner? Was it well presented or too reactionary?
  • What was the most surprising fact/issue in the film?
  • What do you see as possible practical remedies for the problems described?

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