Current Technology Article Review

  1. This Assignment is purely Current Technology Article Review
  2. Locate a current article about Technology that has been published within the last 6 months. Good online sources can be found by looking at the Internet references at the end of each selection in Annual Editions.
  3. Provide a Link to the article or attach a copy of the article.
  4. Complete the Summary information below.
  5. Post the title of your article and the link to our class WIKI Page. Once an article is listed on the WIKI page it cannot be submitted as a weekly reading by another student. The articles, however, may be used as resource material for both individual and group term papers.
  6. Main idea of the article:Information presented: List at least five points made by the authorResponse to the article:

    In their published dissertation, Emerging Trends in Information Technology Departments in Major Icelandic Corporations, Tastle and Valfells unfolds a set of trends that have emerged as a representative of technology industry in the current computer based initiatives. These trends, characterized by incessant discoveries in science, are happening at a pace that makes it difficult to stay informed. They include, Outsourcing. For instance, IT departments employ outsourcing to obtain specialized prowess for instant tasks, thereby allowing a company to keep small IT staffs (1). In addition, outsourcing saves the IT department the cost in time and money of training the IT staffs on the skills required for the task (8). The result of this is that, the time within which the task can be accomplished is minimized.

    Secondly, there has been a growing trend by the management to seek the services of its high-level employees in the IT department to service its previously outsourced operations. Tastle and Valfells argue that, this is a move to incorporate an understanding in technology to the business mainstream (8). Consequently, there is a need for individuals who understands the role of technology in business and thus, according to Tastle and Valfells, business colleges should consider looking into the core requirements for future experts in business information technology (12).

    Additionally, data security is a primary concern in the current technology industry. For instance, Tastle and Valfells notes that, companies seeking the services of expatriates employ sophisticated methods of data security (7). They argue that, “subcontractors are provided sanitized data at best, and frequently work over privately purchased communication lines (7).”  In case the communication is over the internet, strong encryption is expected (7). The level of security is however, extremely dependent on the company’s business plan. In this regard, it may range from extremely restricted to extremely disbursed (7).

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