Data Analysis

After the data are collected and before program evaluators meet with management, the it must be analyzed to ensure that it will provide the right type of information for the evaluation. Of vital importance is ensuring that the data fit the indicators identified for analysis. Then, it must be decided how the data and results will be presented. It is important to present the information in ways that make it easy to understand, demonstrate relationships to other data, and allow the information to be used to support decision-making processes. In this assignment, you will write about the methods of analyzing and reporting the study data.


Based on the data-collection procedures chosen in the Module 5 assignment, write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words explaining how you would analyze and report the data collected. Use language that can be understood by someone without training in statistics and research methods. The adequacy of your response depends on its technical correctness and its appropriateness to the intended audience. Do the following in your paper:

  1. Specify and describe the statistical analysis techniques that will be used to compile and summarize the data gathered to determine how the program is operating and whether the program is fulfilling its goals and objectives.
  2. Explain how the qualitative data would be analyzed in order to identify trends and patterns in the qualitative responses collected.
  3. Explain the benefits of the analysis type selected for the evaluation.

Module 5 Assignement:


The paper explores on data collection techniques that can be used in program evaluation of Verizon Communications Company. It utilizes both quantitative and qualitative techniques in this endeavor. The quantitative method chosen for use is checklist while the qualitative approach chosen is observation. The basis for selection of the techniques is the strengths that they hold. Combination of the two approaches was is a bid to reinforce weaknesses of individual approach (Posavac, 2015).

The checklist is applicable in this case because it entails the order of tasks that the project sought to engage in its onset. Available outputs can be market on as present while the unavailable ones are absent. The basis of selection of the checklist approach is its viability in the collection of data. It is simple in administering and goes straight to the point. Availability of the list of items captured in the planning stage serves as the best basis for evaluating effectiveness of the program (Posavac, 2015). This basis on that what has been achieved can be compared with what has not been achieved. In the case of Verizon Communications, data from the planning stage is used as the basis of analyzing what the company has achieved or not…

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