database SQL queries

Please do the following database SQL queries-

1. For each order placed on August 5, 2011, list the order number, customer number, and customer name (should return 3 rows).
2. Find the number and name of all sales reps who represent any customer with a credit limit of $1,000 (should return 4 rows).
3. For each order, list the order number, order date, customer number, customer name, along with the number and name of the sales rep who represents the customer (should return 7 rows).
4. Change the description of part BT04 to Gas Stove.
5. Add order 12600 to the database. The date of the order is September 6, 2011. The order was placed by customer 311.
6. Delete all customers whose balance is under $100.00 and who are represented by sales rep 12.

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