Depression Intervention Plan Overview

Describe the factors that influence the effective treatment applicable to your intervention plan. Consider the impact that culture, environment, and family have on the effectiveness of intervention and treatment strategies.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Document and the Milestone Two Rubric in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

You Will Be Using This Overview Plan To Complete This Assignment Please Follow All Rubric Requirements

Depression Intervention Plan Overview

The diagnosis which is will be considered in this paper is depression. Depression is a mental illness which can be caused by children or young adults who have gone through the legal system. There are various treatment methods for the depression problem. One of the ways that one can be able to treat depression is through changing the lifestyle of a person. There are various lifestyle changes which can help to reduce depression. One of these changes is exercise. Exercise has been recommended on many occasions as an effective method of reducing depression. Exercise is said to help a person to clear their minds which also reduces the deep thinking. Thinking too much is said to lead to stress which causes depression. Another change is nutrition. Eating well is said to be vital for both mental and physical health hence it will help reduce depression (Harris, 2013). Having enough sleep can also contribute to reducing depression….

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