develop original research ideas in Accounting and Management

Appendix B. Research Paper – First Draft, Final Paper and Presentation

  1. Goals
  • Learn to develop original research ideas in Accounting and Management.
  • Learn how to perform literature review, hypotheses development, data collection, and data analysis for specific research topics.
  • Build written communication skills that are essential in presenting the results of academic and professional research.


  1. Expectations
  • These are individual assignments. You should not collaborate with anyone to complete them.
  • First Draft and Final Paper of Research Paper will be submitted at Assignments – Turnitin in Blackboard.
  • Get acquainted with Accounting issues.
  • Find your research topic that you are interested in and write down what specific questions you would like to answer regarding the topic (Research Questions).
  • Perform Literature Review – Read related news articles or academic articles to learn what discussions on your research questions are already researched and analyze what your research paper can add to the understanding of your Research Questions beyond what is already researched in the literature. Use the following databases for your literature review:
  • ABI/INFORM database ( can be an effective source for published articles.
  • org ( is another source of published articles.
  • SSRN eLibrary: for unpublished working papers
  • Google word search is NOT a way to conduct your research.
  • Collect data and analyze your data to answer your research questions. You can use a data analysis software such as Excel to analyze your data if necessary.
  • Plagiarism – Make sure to ‘cite’ the sources and list the sources in the ‘reference’ section of your paper. Within-text citations are made using the ‘author (year)’ format. Cited papers in the main body of the paper must correspond to the list of works listed in the ‘‘References’’ section. For more details on when to cite and how to cite, see the following websites:

  • Feedback on First Draft – (1) Each student will receive feedback from another peer student through Turnitin from the Peer Mark Assignment. (2) The professor will also provide feedback through Turnitin. It is imperative to incorporate both feedback to revise your first draft for the final version.


  1. Requirements
  • The file name for the first draft should be: docx or pdf
  • The file name for the final paper should be: docx or pdf
  • Both First Draft and Final Paper for Research Paper will be submitted at Assignments – Turnitin in Blackboard.
  • You must visit the Writing Center at least once before submitting your final paper. You must have the Writing Center send me ( and yourself (for your record) an email that confirms your visit. Any Final Paper submission without the email from the Writing Center will get 20% markdown.
  • Minimum 5 pages excluding the title page, table of contents and references
  • Times New Roman, 12 Font, double-spaced, 1 inch margin.
  • Your Research Paper should include the following:
  1. The title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction: Write a clear summary of your paper including the following:
  • your Research Question(s),
  • the underpinning motivation, using prior academic articles or current media issues, that has lead you to ask the Question(s), and
  • a succinct summary of hypothesis (expectation) development and your analysis results.
  1. Literature Review and Hypothesis Development – Discuss the past or existing analysis on your Research Question available in extant literature, your expectation (Hypothesis) on the research questions and the supporting argument for your expectation.
  2. Research Results – Discuss your research results you have drawn from reading relevant prior academic articles.
  3. Conclusion – Conclude your research and discuss your contribution.
  4. References – A majority of your references has to be academic or from reputable news media such as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. Internal publications should not be major sources of your research.
  • Research Paper is a business writing assignment. Do not interject your personal opinion without supporting evidence. Anything that you write should be clearly defined and objectively supported by supporting evidence such as prior results or clear flow of logic of which each step is substantiated by objective evidence.


  1. Grading Rubrics: See Appendix C. Grading rubrics for the quality of writing


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