developing a software program

Question: developing a software program

I am developing a software program, a system that allows a user to pick between 3 types of insurance (house, car, boat) and specifying the amount of coverage. The program will then provide a price.  Please use the information below to provide me with a Use-Case scenarios.

Sequence of Events:
1. Host employee answers phone from prospective guest
2. Guest provides requested reservation dates
3. Employee checks the availability of rooms based on the provided dates
4. Calendar displays room availability based confirmed reservations already in system
3.2.2 Use Case 2: Report Print
Manager prints a report based off financial data stored in the RMS
Pre-condition: The RMS software is running with a successful database connection
Post-condition: The RMS should display an expense report based off the date range provided by the manager
Actor Profile: An owner or manager appointed by the owners responsible for the B&B’s operations
Sequence of Events:
1. Manager selects reports
2. Manager selects date range for report
3. RMS system displays an expense and profit report to the manager.


Find an example of a specific vulnerability in a specific software online.  Describe the flaw or condition that creates the vulnerability.  Describe an attack against the vulnerability. (What needs to be done to exploit it.) Include the URLs of any links to the vulnerability you choose.

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