Discuss the advantages and disadvantages you see associated with annuities vs. conventional investments in securities like stocks. In your opinion, is it better to make investments that generate ongoing annuities payments, to invest in the equity market, or combining the two? Remember to always support your opinion with evidence (citations, references).

To what extent were the grim realities of the Depression reflected in popular culture (art, film, and literature)? To what extent were they absent?

For this Discussion Question, please feel free to discuss any type of media (art, film, literature). Please discuss whether or not that particular media placed on emphasis on the realities of the Great Depression.

Start-Up Entrepreneurship Case Analysis on Innovative New Venture

Recommended Length: 500 words minimum per question
This is the submission line for the assignment evaluating a new business venture as an example of start-up entrepreneurship.
based on the product on the following website please answer the questions.

Questions to be answered :
(1) What market need or demand does the new venture fulfill? What are the innovative aspects of the product or service offered by the new venture? How did the new venture founders come up with the idea for their firm?
(2) How did the new venture founders (entrepreneurs) come up with the funding to start and run their firm? Explain and analyze.
(3) How did the new venture founders (entrepreneurs) build the brand identity of the firm? Explain and analyze.
For each question area, please explain and analyze your response in approximately three pages (for about 10 pages total for the case study).
Please note that it is fine to do additional research online and that all sources used should be documented in your references section.


The essay is to critically examine the role of the changing laws on the press and journalism.It is necessary as well to focus on communications law with the aim of highlighting the techniques of applied legal research.I will also want the writer to make the underlisted book as one of his source of data/Bibliography- Kelleter,F.,& Stein,D.(2008).American studies as media studies(1st ed.).Heidelberg:winter

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