Dissertation Writing Structure

The official dissertation writing structure involves a chronological arrangement of critical dissertation items as highlighted in the outline below. Dissertation writing structure should be observed and followed every time when writing a dissertation. Although the content of the dissertation paper is different, dissertation writing structure is always the same.

Your dissertation should state the objectives of your investigation, describe your research methods, and present and discuss your results. Generally, this is achieved using the structure below. However, your supervisor will provide direction in terms of the layout, word count and structure of your dissertation. Always check with your supervisor. Some supervisors require a research proposal or dissertation proposal before dissertation writing. Below is the dissertation writing structure. The parts marked as free are developed by BestAcademicExperts.com for free. Always feel free to use our dissertation writing services.

Dissertation Writing Structure

  1. Signature Page (free upon request)
  2. Title (free)
  3. Copyright (free upon request)
  4. Acknowledgments (free)
  5. Abstract
  6. Table of content (free)
  7. List of Tables and List of Illustrations
  8. Chapter I. Introduction or Statement of the Problem
  9. Chapter II. Review of the Literature and Research Questions
  10. Chapter III. Methodology
  11. Chapter IV. Results
  12. Chapter V. Discussion
  13. References (free)
  14. Appendices (free)
  15. Resume

There is no set of rules that will bring about a dissertation. At some point in time, you must put aside the guidelines and templates and make the work your own. Revel in the fact that you have been blessed to live in a universe where you have free will, and that free will is an inextricable part of that universe.

Your dissertation might have mothers and fathers and cousins and aunts and uncles or any number of relatives, but in the end it must be a unique and original thing. Anyone who tells you that a dissertation is a standardized piece of work that can be put together using a certain routine is telling you a lie.

There are paths to follow, to be sure. But a dissertation is never finished until it leaves the paths and sets out toward its own unique final destination. That destination may be six inches from everyone else, but it is still on its own.

Our writers strictly follow the dissertation writing structure in writing a dissertation for the topic that you have provided. We encourage constant communication between our clients and writers to ensure that the dissertation paper is written based on the provided instructions and minimize the number of possible revisions which may be time consuming.

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