How easily do we deceive ourselves…see below for more details

How easily do we deceive ourselves…see below for more details

This paper must have a thesis. The question asked for this Prompt is “How easily do we deceive ourselves” All of the authors have struggled against our human tendency to see what we want to see, to believe what we want to believe, to value what we’ve been taught is valuable. These writers work hard to reach beyond the teachings of home and culture to say something real. Yet, all of us are bound by our upbringing; we know who we are because of how we’ve been raised and what we’ve been taught. To what degree, then, are we influenced by these authors who have managed to break through what is familiar in order to travel in unknown territory so they may provide us with a viewpoint that may not coincide with our own? Is it natural to reject what doesn’t fit with our individual worldview? For this prompt, consider support from works whose authors or characters show the struggle to separate truth from falsehood, idealism from reality and self-delusion from true self. This prompt focuses on the risk involved in seeking the truth. The works that can be used for this paper are Sonny’s Blues, Native Son, Metamorphosis or Battle Royal. 2 works must be used.

Team Nursing delivery model

1. Read the following chapters:
•Chapter 3: Delivering Nursing Care (Sullivan Textbook)
•Chapter 4: Leading, Managing, Following (Sullivan Textbook)
•Chapter 9: The Nurse as Leader and Manager (Blais & Hayes Textbook)
•Chapter 16: Technology and Informatics (Blais & Hayes Textbook)

2. Create a group wiki page for nursing care delivery system/model(Team Nursing). Relate the type of leadership style involve in the different nursing care delivery system.

3. Include an introduction, specific sections for each nursing care delivery models, and a conclusion in your group’s wiki page.

4. Citations must be found in the text of the wiki. List of references must be found at the end of the group’s wiki page. APA format must be followed.

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