Effective Communication

effective communication

Please include a cited reference page and in text citation and discuss How are people lives affected, what impact does it have on patients decision making, how do effective communication affect the medical team and healthcare organization

Upload Your DRAFT RESEARCH PAPER (600-1000 words).

The \”draft research paper\” is not the finished paper! This means it still needs one or two more significant revisions. Before you submit your final paper on Feb. 5, you might take this draft to a tutor for feedback and suggestions and consider doing a peer review.

The research draft should show significant progress– a clear \”working\” thesis, basic organization, and evidence you will use in the finished paper.

However, it is still an earlier version and, as such, probably will undergo moving paragraphs, adding or deleting material from paragraphs, combing paragraph for unity. You will probably still work on the introduction (and conclusions), and the draft might have gaps in evidence. You probably still need to focus and strengthen your argument. (No reports!) Finally, you may not have paid much attention to coherence (use of transitions, key words) and sentences, word choice, or grammar.

I am not requiring that you submit in-text citations or a works cited page, but it will benefit you to include these — especially the works cited page– first, because you will receive comments on whether you have done these correctly, and second, because you will receive 25 bonus points for submitting your draft with preliminary in-text citations and works cited page. You will also be ahead in your progress to a successful final research paper. Notice: Don\’t try handing in any kind of sloppy wo

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