Effective Organization: Business Entrepreneur

Imagine yourself as a business entrepreneur who has developed a potentially highly successful service, and has obtained the necessary backing to build an organization that will deliver the service in this country and abroad.

As a business entrepreneur, using concepts from this course, design an effective organization and describe the following:

The way the organization operates, its organizational structure, its organizational design elements, how it is managed, how it is led, how it is controlled, and how performance is measured

How employees are inducted into the organization, trained, and compensated

How innovations are stimulated and supported

How technology is used to achieve superior organizational and individual performance, competitive advantage, and operational effectiveness within a global marketplace

The organization’s overall culture

How the organization embodies classic and new science ideas of systems

The final Portfolio Project should meet the following requirements:

Be 14 pages in length not including title and reference.

Include at least 7 references not associated with the course’s assigned readings

Be formatted according to the APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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