electromagnetic interference (EMI)

You are to write a paper discussing electromagnetic interference (EMI). In the paper you
should discuss what EMI is, why it is a problem, and how to mitigate it.

The grade will come from your paper only.
Papers with accurate, specific, and varied references will score higher. Papers that are well formatted, properly referenced, and cohesive will score higher.

Papers will be singlespaced.
The title page does not count as one of the pages for the report. The title page
should clearly state the title of your paper, and will include your name and the course
number and title. The bibliography will not count as one of the required pages. All references
will be properly cited. You will use Times New Roman 12-point font for your
paper and will have a 1” margin on all sides.

Sample Section of the paper

Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is also referred to as radio-frequency interference (RFI) within a radio frequency spectrum, refers to an externally generated disturbance to an electrical circuit. This disturbance is caused by conduction, electrostatic coupling or by electromagnetic induction. This interference is unintended and may affect the normal functions of a circuit. In a data path, for instance, these electromagnetic interference effects could range from rise in error-rates to absolute data loss (Poole Para 4). Both natural and man-made sources produce varying electrical voltages and currents that could very well result to EMI. These man-made and natural sources include: cell phones, vehicle ignition systems, the Sun, thunder storm or even the Northern Lights. It is, therefore, significant to note that EMI primarily affects AM radio and frequently has impacts FM radios, televisions and cellular devices.

Types of electromagnetic interference

Electromagnetic interference can further be categorized into Narrowband EMI and Broadband EMI. Narrowband electromagnetic interference in general comes from deliberate transmissions such as cellular, radio and television transmissions. On the other hand, Broadband electromagnetic interference is often from unintentional sources, for instance, electric power transmission paths (Poole Para 5). Additionally, EMI can also be categorized as either Conducted EMI, which is caused by physical contact of the conductors, or as Radiated EMI, which is as result of induction (with no contact). Shared inductance between two or more radiated electromagnetic fields, thus, results in EMI (Leferink 39).

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