Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic Interference

You are to write a paper discussing electromagnetic interference (EMI). In the paper you should discuss what EMI is, why it is a problem, and how to mitigate it.


The grade will come from your paper only. Papers with accurate, specific, and varied references will score higher. Papers that are well formatted, properly referenced, and cohesive will score higher.


Papers will be singles paced. The title page does not count as one of the pages for the report. The title page should clearly state the title of your paper, and will include your name and the course number and title. The bibliography will not count as one of the required pages. All references will be properly cited. You will use Times New Roman 12-point font for your paper and will have a 1” margin on all sides.

sample paper

Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also known by the name radio frequency interference focuses on those disruptions that arise on the external components of an electrical circuit. Electromagnetic interference may arise due to factors such as electrostatic coupling, conduction, or induction of electromagnets. Being a disruption, EMI directly affects how the circuits functions in different ways. For example, EMI could result to data loss if such disruption occurs on these data components of the circuits. EMI often arises from different sources such as the natural sources or most of the manmade sources causing poor function of devices that rely in circuits. Unfortunately, today’s world is mostly composed of different forms of circuits, which are used to play different roles such as in the televisions, radio or others such as phones (University of Maryland 1).

EMI arise as a problem since most of these devices that it affects play special roles in the lives of humans. For example, cellular devices which fall vulnerable to the EMI disruptions play an essential role in communication while television and Radio also play an essential role of broadcasting content to different parts of the globe. In mitigating these interferences, an individual needs to understand which could be the source and switch them off or move the devices that are being affected further away. In instances when these measures may not be

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