emerging technology within the biotechnology sector

Each student will be expected to identify an unmet need in the life science market (which means industrial, agricultural and medical not just biomedical) and device a product concept that address that unmet need.  You should all be expert at this by now.  You will then become a subject matter expert, give a highly technical presentation that teaches the class about the topic and examines the empirical evidence that supports the product idea (i.e., research data supporting your thesis).  From this you will craft a research and commercialization plan. 

This capstone course is an in-depth exploration of emerging technologies, innovations, and new products that are noteworthy to the biotechnology industry.  We are required to select an emerging technology within the biotechnology sector and prepare a research plan designed to bring that technology to commercial fruition.  The students will give oral presentations (POWER POINT) on the technology that builds the case for the envisioned product.  In addition, each student will prepare an SBIR grant application composed of the technical and commercialization plans for their invention (4 pages double spaced).

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